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Company system, perfect management system, through the quality system certification, 14001:2004 ISO environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. For many years, the company won the outstanding construction enterprises in Yixing city, Yixing city on the contribution of enterprises, Wuxi City, the contract and keep credit AAA enterprises, and in 2013 to become the first batch of Wuxi won the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued by the construction of the construction of the credit contract.

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    Pay attention to a lot of problems! Water to live the best not to do, because it will freeze. Concrete needs to be added antifreeze early strength agent, need insulation. If the temperature is too low, but also need to heat. Backfill should also pay attention to, each fill thickness can not be too high, can not have frozen clods, to above 0 degrees in the construction, night heat, not cold. Also consider the temperature, heating, reducing efficiency and other factors. Specific can find a complete winter program to see

    First, the preparation before construction, is the prerequisite for the winter construction of the first, to pay attention to the early construction of the data collected during the winter temperature changes. Due to the specification for winter construction of Building Engineering (JGJ104 - 97), rules and regulations, when the daily average outdoor temperature continuous stable for 5 days less than 5 DEG C in winter construction, the winter in Dalian construction date for November 15. Therefore, before the project is about to enter the winter construction to advance preparation and prevention, the elimination of adverse factors in the bud, to advance to collect local winter weather data, to understand the local temperature changes, continuous time, minimum temperature and maximum wind, snow, etc. data, but also to understand the construction process in the next week the weather change. Only in this way can we be nip in the bud. Second, prepare for the winter construction of the material. In advance, such as preparation of heating cold material; additive material selection, approval and reexamination; coke and stoves of the procurement, storage and other preparatory work.

    Two, the preparation of winter construction technical documents, is the main measures of winter construction.